Before we talk about how to invest in cryptocurrencies, there are a few things we need to make clear. This is done so as to avoid any misconceptions that could lead to unfortunate mistakes that could cost you dearly. First of all, when talking about cryptocurrency exchanges and how to choose the best one for you, one has to make sure it’s a secure platform. If a platform doesn’t have proper security protocols in place, you could be at risk of losing all your funds invested in crypto assets when a hacker decides to attack. Never ignore good security measures!

Meow Makes Crypto Investing Simple

Finance has changed. You no longer require a third party to secure your funds for you. You can leverage smart contracts to invest directly into high yield, short-term loans. It’s time you learn about Meow.

Meow is a decentralized crypto investment platform designed to deliver the highest yield on your deposits while allowing you to take your earnings whenever you want. Meow provides investors with the opportunity to connect with and borrow capital from professional borrowers – institutional investors like family offices, wealth managers and hedge funds.

There are a variety of ways to invest today, but the majority of them don’t make much sense. They require the user to be an expert in the market or specific asset, and have a lot of room for error. Our mission is to bring the average person into the investment world — allowing them to grow their assets by investing in short-term loans and benefitting from our donations back into our community.

Get started with Nami

Web wallets are difficult to secure. No one wants their hard-earned crypto to be stolen by hackers. We had enough of this, that’s why we created Nami Browser Extension. It is a non-storage wallet, which means it doesn’t hold or store your money or tokens on the device you are using.

Nami is your gateway to the decentralized world of blockchains. With Nami you can create multiple wallets, send and receive ADA or other Cardano tokens, store your encrypted keys on your device in a secure way, interact with dApps (decentralized applications) on the web. Nami is completely free and open source.

You can use Nami to send and store multiple assets, delegate, tokenize, use multisignatures and more. Nami Wallet has been designed to be easily pluggable in any website or web application. Its interface is completely configurable, allowing developers to create their own custom UI for their dApps.

SundaeSwap is Your safest and most secure place for Cardano

SundaeSwap is a native scalable decentralized exchange and automated liquidity provisioning protocol. An orphan marketplace for efficient cryptocurrency transactions. Financial support and backing from world-class venture capital partners.

The mission of SundaeSwap is to accelerate the cryptocurrency industry’s and to be the most user-friendly, accessible and transparent decentralized exchange available. We see SundaeSwap as something that we’ll not only use ourselves, but also promote as a utility that solves real problems for anyone who needs a decentralized exchange.

On top of all that, it’s got plenty of funding behind it and has drawn interest from several A-list VC individuals. it’s important to find solutions to problems that can be properly decentralized. SundaeSwap is a fantastic example of one such solution, and we are excited to see how they continue to develop their platform.

ADA is the new generation of cryptocurrency

ADA is the digital currency used in the Cardano blockchain.The native token, ADA, is named after Ada Lovelace, who was the world’s first computer programmer. ADA holders are part of a global community that works for a decentralized future.

It can be used to send and receive funds via the Cardano network. Ada can be easily exchanged with other cryptocurrencies. Ada is also available to buy at a number of leading marketplaces. The Cardano platform supports the native ADA token, which is used for sending and receiving digital funds. These transfers are recorded on the Cardano blockchain, which is publicly viewable by all.

Anyone can get started with ADA! You don’t have to go through complicated registration procedures or submit personal information to use or store your ADA coins in a wallet. You just need a password for your wallet and you’re ready to go!

Fast and Secure transactions with MeowSwap

MeowSwap is a decentralized exchange where you can trade your Cardano assets. MeowSwap is designed to be one of the fastest exchanges available, so you can expect to get your actions done in a matter of seconds. Get ready for a whole new way to trade on MeowSwap!

AMM-based DEX provides one of the most innovative trading processes available in the financial space today. The automated market maker mechanism simplifies and accelerates many traditional exchange processes, enabling the exchange of assets not represented in classic finance.

MeowSwap is one of the newest decentralized exchanges on the Cardano blockchain. With a cutting-edge and streamlined trading interface, the platform has everything you need to succeed in the crypto world. AMM-based DEX provides one of the most innovative trading processes available in the financial space today.

As such, you can expect the most convenient and easy-to-use trading experience that the Cardano blockchain can provide. This DEX – as it is often referred to – will leverage our L2 solution along with an automated market maker process that also leverages our technology to provide higher liquidity than many other decentralized exchanges currently offer. To learn more about MeowSwap, check us out at our website.

Deadalus is the most secure way to use Cardano

We live in a digital world. We need to store and secure our digital information. This time is the turn of cryptocurrencies. But which will be our wallet? Where to stock it? You probably already know the answer, but we may not agree on the solution: it’s called Daedalus!

Let me explain why you might be interested in decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency wallets like Deadalus. Just to be clear, this is not a simple software wallet. Daedalus works in tandem with the Cardano blockchain and independently verifies all transactions in its history.

Deadalus is the new open source cryptocurrency wallet, ideal for the Ada cryptocurrency. It is highly secure, user-friendly and under constant development. It’s just one of the ways Cardano is constantly evolving. Aiming to be a reliable digital wallet that will keep users funds safe and is also well-designed to meet their needs. It’s totally free and open source too! Yeah!

Doex is an exchange that works for you

What is Doex? In a nutshell, Doex is an AMM-based decentralized exchange for assets embedded in Cardano blockchain. The platform is built without the drawbacks of existing approaches, ensuring that money markets function properly, allowing users to retain control over their assets and creating a secure approach to their liquidity with positive returns.

There are also many benefits that their system has compared to existing approaches, such as a professional ERC20 converter smart contract created for cross-chain functionality. The scalability problem is also solved by our platform, which uses the Cardano blockchain (up to one million operations per second), making it very fast, with very small network fees.

The fact that Doex is built on the Cardano blockchain solves not only the network scalability problem with existing decentralized exchanges but also the trading time issues that users face with existing DEX.

Welcome to the new era of cryptocurrency exchange

A crypto-exchange is an entirely new entity for people to buy and sell digital currency with multiple benefits over the more traditional methods. Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to consider trading cryptocurrency in the future, and shepherded you in the direction of a better choice for doing so. We’re certainly excited about cryptocurrencies’ potential here at MeowSwap, and we hope that you are too. The future of cryptocurrencies is bright and MeowSwap wants to be an important part of it.